Grants and Assistance

The Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Trust provides grants and assistance to individuals and teams who
are disadvantaged or facing hardship which prevents them from fully achieving their goals.

To apply for a grant, an application form must be downloaded for completion and return to the Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Trust, or completed and submitted on-line.  For more information about grant applications please read the following document.

Grant Criteria

The following criteria apply for all applications:

  • Applicant is under 25 years of age.
  • Applicant lives in the Canterbury region of New Zealand.
  • Request for assistance is specifically for sporting or cultural purposes.
  • Applicant is disdavantaged, facing hardship or has special circumstances which prevent them from pursuing their sporting or cultural endeavours.
Please Note:  Funding will not be provided for international travel.

Application for Funding

  1. How to apply for funding / get an application form / fill the form in on-line
    The Trust's application form can be downloaded here or or you can request a copy
    by e-Mailing info@hadlee·org·nz  - you can also fill the form in on-line by clicking here
  2. Complete the application form
    Ensure the form is completed in full and attach the following documentation:
    • Quotes for goods and/or services the funding is for
    • Any other relevant information that may assist the trustees when
          assessing your application.
  3. Send us the completed application
    The Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Trust
    PO Box 78-061, Pegasus, Waimakariri 7648, New Zeaand
  4. Fill in the form on-line and submit directly
    Click here to fill in and submit your Application Form on-line
  5. Your obligations if your grant application is approved:
    • Return acknowledgement form that grant has been received
    • Provide written confirmation
    • Provide receipts